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Some ACEA/ACEL Recollections by Peter Hauser (Victorian President ACEL, 2002)


It was in the mid-1990s (maybe 1996) when I started to involve myself in the activities of the Australian Council for Educational Administration (ACEA) in Victoria. I was teaching at Scotch College, Melbourne, at the time and had an educational administration/leadership position co-ordinating all students in Year 12 at this school. I thought that I would be professionally stimulated through membership of and involvement in ACEA so joined up.  


Our meetings were chaired by Cynthia Merrill and I was welcomed by the group. Initially these meetings were held at the University of Melbourne Hawthorn Institute campus. Noel Stonehouse and David Gurr were very active committee members at this time. In 1997 I transferred from Scotch College to Camberwell Grammar School as Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School. Subsequent to my new appointment we decided to hold the ACEA meetings at Camberwell Grammar School in the (then) brand-new Performing Arts Complex.


In 2001 the Victorian Chapter of ACEA commenced negotiations with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) to form a strategic alliance. I was part of such negotiation and we then decided to hold our ACEA meetings at the AIM Head Office in St.Kilda once I was elected as State President. The ACEA activities associated with AIM centred around a new subgroup of AIM titled “Managers in Education”.


At around this time ACEA considered the name change to the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) and this generated considerable debate, particularly around the choice of the word “Leaders” as opposed to “Leadership”.  Our Committee had a small supply of coffee mugs badged ACEA and with the change of name to ACEL these mugs were surplus. I still have in my possession two ACEA coffee mugs destined to become collector items in the future. As State President I was also appointed to the National Board of ACEL in 2002.


At the end of 2002 I had to resign from the ACEL State President role due to a move to Queensland with my career. I commenced as Headmaster of Toowoomba Grammar School in January 2003 and continue in this role today (2013).


I recall my years with ACEA/ACEL with fondness. The committee membership included some very experienced educational leaders and others at an earlier stage in their career already developing considerable skill in their vocation. Names which come to mind in the early days are Noel Stonehouse, Cynthia Merrill and David Gurr. More recently in around 2000-2002 I enjoyed very good professional relationships with a dynamic committee including Alan Hutchison, Norma Ashton-Smith, David Gurr,  Mark Robertson, Peter Torey and Pauline Zappulla.


I continue to have a small association with the ACEL State Committee through my irregular attendance at ACEL Fellows Dinners and also at national conferences.


I wish ACEL every continued success.


[ACEL Victoria thanks Peter Hauser for committing these memories to writing and welcomes other historical recollections]